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Enterasys Controller f/w 8.11.01 through 8.11.04 is Incompatible with the AP3705i

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Enterasys (formerly HiPath) Wireless Controller
C20, C25, C4110, C5110, V2110; firmware,,,
Enterasys Wireless Access Point (AP), model AP3705i

Deploying one or more "thin" AP3705 units under a controller running earlier 8.11 firmware.

AP is not recognized by the controller.
AP status in the controller is "not connected".
AP is unable to connect to the controller or the network.
AP has no firmware or operating system, and won't fully boot (continually reboots).
AP's system MAC address is '00:03:7f:ff:ff:ff' ('00037fffffff').

As documented in release notes, initial support for the WS-AP3705i is as of controller firmware Lower firmware should simply fail to recognize or support this AP model. However, instead the earlier 8.11 firmware versions cause more permanent effects which as a result prevent the AP from booting under any controller firmware version.

Avoid exposing AP3705i units to any of the affected firmware versions.
If this issue has occurred, then please contact the GTAC for assistance.

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