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Enterasys Controller f/w AP Deadlock Error Message logged during an AP Reboot

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Enterasys (formerly HiPath) Wireless Controllers
C20, C25, C4110, C5110, V2110; firmware
Enterasys (formerly HiPath) thin Access Points
RBT-4102, RBT-4102-EU, AP26xx, AP36xx

One or more managed Access Points (APs) is booting up, or has been rebooted for any reason.

For each such AP, controller logs contain multiple messages similar to the following:
Major Config Manager Config Manager has experienced an error which has
prevented it from properly processing a request. CM will continue
running, however this error may be an indicator of a larger system
problem. Error Details:Error sending notification [1000980], Exception:
[error: [Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting
An AP firmware lock was not established during a configuration write in the boot cycle, allowing two processes to run over each other.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes in' section:
Resolves internal database issue preventing configuration saves

Pre-upgrade workaround:
No corrective action is necessary, as this is a low-level message. There are no lasting functionality issues for the AP, which still receives its full configuration from the controller.

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