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Enterasys Wireless Controller Upgrade to, Browser shows "Error: Widget 'apCount' Error: failed to set value for: total_mu_sessions"

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The upgrade to 8.11.06 may require the browser cache to be cleared in Internet Explorer version 9.x.

Widget error pop-up messages may appear when the Enterasys Wireless Controller (EWC) home page tries to load and resolve.
One message is: "
Error: Widget 'apCount' Error: failed to set value for: total_mu_sessions

Stale browser information from previous GUI firmware sessions (pre- may introduce the Widget error when the 8.11.06 GUI is resolving for the first time after the EWC firmware upgrade.

For Internet Explorer (IE) 9, in clearing the browser cache (under Tools/Internet options), please click on the "Delete" button in the Browsing History section in the "General" tab. In the next pop-up window, please uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data", and check the rest of the options. Then close all open IE browser windows. Re-open one IE9 window, enter 'https://[EWC_ipaddress]:5825', enter the username and password, and click "Login".

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