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Enterasys Wireless Early Release of AP3705i Unable to Discover Controller in Remote Subnet

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Enterasys (formerly HiPath) Wireless Controller
Enterasys Wireless thin AP; model WS-AP3705i; firmware, (15101)

Deployed an AP3705i manufactured prior to November 2012, into an IP subnet /VLAN different from the controller's.

The AP participates in DHCP, and receives an IP address.
The AP does not receive sufficient DNS information (via DHCP) to resolve the controller's IP address.
The AP cannot find or associate to the wireless controller located on a different IP subnet/VLAN, so periodically reboots.

This is due to a shortcoming in the original boot code which prevents the "controller" keyword from working with DNS discovery.

* Temporarily move affected APs to the controller's local subnet;
* Activate DHCP Option 78 in the server scope to tell the APs how to find the controller on a remote subnet even if a DNS server is not present;
* Manually configure such APs with the missing DNS information, as follows:
1. SSH to the AP.
2. Log in as admin.
3. Specify default password new2day, or use a password that was set via HiPath Wireless Assistant (Web GUI).
4. Execute the following commands, hitting after each:
cset ipaddr <ip> (should already be set)
cset ipmask <mask> (should already be set)
cset gateway <gateway> (should already be set)
cset authipaddr 1 <ip of controller>
* Manually upgrade such APs to firmware or higher, providing a boot code update correcting the problem.

After any of these has been applied, the AP should reboot and connect to the controller, which will automatically upgrade and configure it to match the wireless network.

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