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Enterasys Wireless f/w Multi-Edit Feature Use can Disable AP Radios

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Enterasys (formerly HiPath) Wireless Controllers
C20, C25, C4110, C5110, V2110; firmware
Enterasys (formerly HiPath) thin Access Points
RBT-4102, RBT-4102-EU, AP26xx, AP36xx

Used the Multi-Edit feature to make multiple Access Point (AP) radio setting changes.

The changes were accepted but the AP radios turned off.

When the controller is pushing down the new AP radio configuration changes, there is an inadvertent setting change not allowed, so the radios end up being disabled.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes in' section:
wns0007969 wns0008368
Resolves issue where AP radios are disabled after multiedit changes applied

Pre-upgrade workaround:
  1. Go to the AP Multi-Edit section in the GUI.
  2. Choose the APs to edit from the current configured list.
  3. For each radio; make sure that Admin Mode is set to 'enabled', the Radio Mode is set to a value (Radio 1: 'a', 'a/n', 'n-strict'; Radio 2: 'b', 'g', 'b/g', 'g/n', 'b/g/n', 'n-strict'), and the Antenna Selection is set to 'Left/Middle/Right'.
  4. Set all other desired configuration changes before applying the multi-edit.

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