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EWC AP packet capture - error# availability down

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I'd like to run a AP packet capture and get the error below.

OK my paired controller is down (lab setup) but what has that to do with anything - the AP is up and local to that controller and FF is disabled so there is no need to have the foreign controller up.

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You could ssh in to the AP and run "ccapture start 40000", point wireshark (windows only) to port 2002 then "ccapture stop". But yes, the inability to configure a failed over AP is a bit annoying in general.
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Hi Ron,

in the new codes 10.4x we built a new tunnel ICDT – inter Controller Data Tunnel.

This is used for remote packet capture and remote console of ap’s connected to foreign controller.

It seems if this tunnel was created in a HA case already the process seems to be asking always for that.

I don't test it but if you disable HA on this one I would expect that it will start to work again?


Umut Aydin
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I'm pretty sure that you are right but I don't want to remove my availability config as that would remove the foreign settings.

But OK if that is FAD - I was only baffled by this weird behavior.