EWC Availability over MPLS

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Good Morning, I have 2 controller EWC C35 and I want to put them in Availability mode.They are on different site and the network are connected with MPLS. The Availability is configured on admin network but I am not able to put the tunnel in service.Anyone know how to solve the issue ?Thanks Giuseppe

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Please verify, through release notes, that the available TCP/UDP ports required for HA pairing are "open" and that each HA IP is pingable to the other HA IP
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Its not a good idea to have availability running via the Admin port - it should always be via the same port that is used by the APs to connect to the controller = if APs connect via ESA0 then use that for availability or that could result in false positives.

Another KB about the admin port - in short don't use it - just for the initial config....

Back to the issue - are the Admin ports in the same VLAN/subnet ?
If not did you set a default gateway in the GUI > Controller > Administration > Host Attributes > default gateway