EWC C25 - Android Battery Drain


We have a 2x C25 Cluster that we upgraded from 7.41 to Since the upgrade we started to notice excessive battery drain on mobile devices, mainly Android devices.

Is there any problem reported regarding this issue?
I saw that there is a new version, is it advisable to upgrade?

Thank you!

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We had the same issue in our office. The upgrade helped, however, in our situation we found that there was vlans tagged that werent needed on the switch ports for the AP and mDNS was hammering it. So, reconfiguring our ports and upgrading fixed ours
no, i did the same thing but faced no issue like this
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we had the same problem and adjusted the minimun power and other params... Changes improved consumption.
Did you change anything to solve the problem?
Hi Francisco,
I hadn't changed anything in config atm...I only upgraded to the latest version and we testing at the moment!
What other params have you changed?