EWC C25 in LAN thru FW .. Ports??

Hi every body ...! I am having a problem with the EWC C25 .. I configured a FW solution and now .. I have Ping to C25 and each AP and not problem .. From the C25 I have ping to APs too .. But .. The C25 don't see the APs Active .. Do you know if I having this problem because any port is close ..? .. Please if you can help me .. Thank you every one for your time .. And please .. Apologies for my English level .. Is not so good .. 😞 Regards ...

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Hi Elvin,

We require few ports to be opened between the Identifi controller and the APs.

Please click the following KB Article which lets you know the tcp/udp ports used between IdentiFi Wireless Controller and AP's:-

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Do you have a ipsec tunnels??
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To better unterstand the situation we'd need the following....

- network diagram with IPs
- screenshot of the ping test so we'd see what you ping and the result

If you connect the AP could you see anything in the controller log.
Here a example how it should look like - the last message that you should see is the "blacklist sent"
So what do you see in the log?

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What do you mean by FW? If by FW you mean firewall, please refer to the "port list" portion (pages 32-34) of the release notes for a list of required ports that need to be open for a proper communication between the wireless controller (wc) and access points (ap) across a firewall.