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EWC: how to configure source interface for RADIUS communication

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Hello !

I have an EWC with 2 physical interfaces on esa0 because the customer is in transition to another owner and need to change the VLAN and IP structure globally. For that I need to configure the source IP for radius communication to the new physical interface IP. I cannot found the place to configure that. Further on the documentation is not clear that this will be part of the management traffic or not. If yes, what interface will be used when more than one interface will be configured for managment traffic ? Or is the interface used where the route to RADIUS server is configured ?


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Hello Volker,

according to my experience the interface with a suiteable route is used.

The interface configuration for management allows only to reache the controller via this interface via Browser for management.

I think there is no option to select the sourceinterface for radius traffic.

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Yes, it's just the routing table that is used to find a way/interface to the destination.

As you've mentioned you'd use a host route to use another path/interface to the RADIUS instead of the default gw or dynamic learned routes (in case you use OSPF).
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In the worst case if you've different routes thru the network via different controller interfaces/IP that would mean that you'd need to configure all the IPs on the RADIUS as RADIUS client.