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EWV version 10.11 and above - VmWare PVSCSI and Fusion

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For anyone trying to run the virtual EWC under vmware Fusion on macOS here is a small guide:
- change your compatibility mode to Hardware version 10
- open the vmx file of your EWC in an editor
- change the line scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic" to scsi0.virtualDev = "pvscsi"
- Save the file and thats it.
You must change the hardware version from the default version 8, the "pvscsi" driver is not supported in this version and Fusion will throw an error on boot.The Fusion GUI does not show the option for the "PVSCSI" but it also does not show any options for the nics either, they're e1000 on mgmt. port and vmxnet3 (PV) for data 1+2
Hope this helps,....

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Thanks for sharing this, Holger!
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Please note this is not a supported Operating system for the Extreme wireless controller. Engineering will not support problems when the controller is running on this non supported software.