External antennas for AP 3865e

We have 5 no's of AP3865e outdoor Ap's positioned in open area's with the following antenna's WSAO2DIPN3 WSAO5DIPN3 customer is complaining Low signal with this type of antenna's,

Customer has ordered another 2 unit's of AP 3865e kindly advice better antenna models which would be best for open environment with better coverage.

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are the right antennas connected to the correct connector? Some countried do have different max Tx power on different channels, try to change the channel and modify the Tx power. Verify the right antenna selection in the EWC and the country settings. The right antenna choice depends on what you want => omni / sector / directional.

The antenna where connected respective to the 2.4 and 5 Ghz ports and country code and antenna selection are correctly mapped in the WLC.

I would like to go for Omni the antennas kindly advice the models
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Please refer to the datasheet page#5 for a list of available antennas.....


Just get the outdoor dipole antenna is and be done with it.
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What does the post-installation site survey results indicate ? Are both bands performing below expectation ?
Hi Dennis ,

Yes the performance is below than the old extreme altitude outdoor access points