Extreme wifi controller v2110 web interface

  • 4 May 2020
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At the moment WiFi controller is on VmWare Esxi, I want to migrate it to Hyper-V. I have imported the required image to Hyper-V. IP, routes are configured similar to existing machine. I can ping LAN. I succeeded to copy configuration backup from ftp server. The problem is I copied the conf but do not know how to install it, documentation says ssh is enabled by default, but cannot access via putty, and third problem is cannot access via web interface. Any help is appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi Nurlan,


Just for clarity, with V2210 GUI please always check https + port 5825. If it doesn’t work this way, you will have to open up a virtual machine console directly to follow initial configuration steps (creating physical topology with your desired VLAN, subnet IP address and mgmt/ap-registration enabled). Please confirm this is the moment you got stuck at so we can guide you through exact scenario.


Hope that helps,