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Hi All

I recently upgraded my wireless controller to the new FW Version
This new firmware includes L7 analytics and Policy with out the need for a separate Purview appliance setup.

Reading the help file:

The Applications by WLAN pie chart displays the top 5 application groups running on that WLAN. ExtremeWireless cycles through the active WLANS displaying statistics. To view detailed statistics, enable Application Visibility during the WLAN configuration; then, on the Home dashboard, click the displayed pie chart under Applications by WLAN. Or, click Enable Application Visibility from the Home dashboard.The controller and AP capture statistics for 31 pre-selected application groups. The top 5 application groups are displayed based on bytes and throughput over the last two-minute measuring period. The stats for each WLAN display for 30 seconds on a continuous cycle. Historical statistical data is available from ExtremeCloud™️ and Extreme Application Analytics™️

The last line revers to the historical stats being available in the Extreme Application analytics.

So the question do I have to configure the controller/AP in Oneview the same way that you configure the Purview appliance in Oneview??



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I'd say that sentence mean that you need Purview (=Analytics) - so no history data if the controller is standalone without Extreme Management Center.

Where in the "Reports" section could I find the "Applications by WLAN" report - doens't make much sense to me that I'd only start that one from the dashboard.