Extreme Wireless Controller Splash Page - No Redirrection Problem

Dear All,

I have encountered a problem with configuration of splash page. I have made two roles, before and after registration. Unfortunately in unregistered role controller does not redirect the traffic. When I type an address of my splash page in web there is only something like this (Below) but i cannot accept anything so there is no connection to the internet.

My rules on the controller looks like this: is the address of my splash page on the controller. Is there something wrong with these rules?

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Take a look at...
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You'd need to deny traffic or there is no redirect to the portal,
And to test it you surf a webpage i.e. www.extremenetworks.com and not use the IP of the portal.

Here a example - it's guest portal instead of splash but beside that option the config would be the same....


Thank you for answers, but I have tried both guides with this same effect. Also I have tried both methods of blocking the traffic (from policy rules and from access control in VLAN&Class Of Service window) same effect. No redirection when I trying to connect to any portal through domain address or IP address. Only direct splash portal address works, but there is an index window, no accept (login page/policy).

Host WiFi card information:

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DNS is resolving correctly? If that's the case I would contact the GTAC so someone can take a look at all your settings. This should work as it's a standard function with our controllers.
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I think the role isn"t correct - here a example of mine, the is the IP of the controller/portal in the guest topology so replace it with your controller/portal/topology IP.

Add the other rules exactly like below, the in/out is very important so make sure it's configured as below.

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Were you able to get this working?

Thank you all for help. The problem laid in:


Here are politics which worked for me: