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Extreme Wireless reporting properly in Solar Winds Orion NPM

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Has anyone been able to get Extreme Wireless to report properly in the wireless module of Solar Winds Orion NPM?
I am using Solar Winds Orion Network Performance Monitor V12. It has a wireless module that should show the controllers, APs and clients. I have an Extreme Wireless C4110 running version The NPM can talk to the controllers using SNMP v3. It sees the controllers and it sees the APs as interfaces but does not report in the wireless module. In the wireless module it lists the 2 contorllers we have as autonomous APs.

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I use Extreme Management Console (NetSight ... oneview.) for this. I have not used Orion NPM, but I wonder if you have to publish the APs as interfaces on the SNMP setup under the controller config. Just something you might try enabling quick, see if it solves the issue.
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Hmm wonder if you have to add the mibs to your install... if so there is a process.. https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Network_Performance_Monitor_(NPM)/Add_MIBs_to_the_Sola...
please check under Controller -> Network -> SNMP -> "Publish AP as interface of controller"
This should be disabled 🙂