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ExtremeWireless Bridged at AP and Authentication on switch port causes conflict?

  • 21 August 2019
  • 3 replies

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We are moving our Wireless from Bridged at Controller to Bridged at AP. We use B5-series switches at the edge and are doing authentication on the switch ports as well. Is it recommended that you turn switch port authentication off on ports with APs that are bridging at AP? I don't want to cause a double authentication but so far in testing it doesn't seem to be an issue.

3 replies

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We suggest shutting it off and have introduced a new feature called AP Aware...

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Has this feature been ported to XOS yet? Ah, 22.2 https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/EMC-How-to-enable-the-AP-Aware-Feature-in-EMC-s-Policy-Manager
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FYI, is the firmware I'd go with for sure for AP-Aware, tried 22.6 and doesn't work. Maybe they have fixed it in a bug fix, but haven't tested it lately.