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ExtremeWireless HA across two Clusters Pairs

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Hi Community We have four C5210 controllers, setup in two HA Pairs. AP's homed to a specific controller utilizes the other controller in the pair for failover. In the event that both the primary and backup controller in the pair fails, would it be possible to fail over to the second Pair of controllers that we have running in another DC?. Under the AP setup I can list the controllers in order. Is this the only way to setup this type of failover?

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No, but why not have the primary of pair#1 in DC1 and the foreign in DC2 ?
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Hi Andre,

this was discussed many times and I personally got also initially consideration with only one backup controller but the experience pointed that a 2'nd controller is enough and we had no ..not that I heard ..that both Controller was not reachable on the same time.

So it's kind of philosophy if it would be better have more backup options?!


Umut Aydin
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Hi Andre,

This is possible but not recommended, and in fact you'll end up using more licensing. You would have to allow this AP to connect to the second pair at some point and have the same configuration for the secondary pair. There are other items the would need to be take into consideration, but ultimately this type of redundant fail-over pair isn't worth setting up as it is overly convoluted.


Bill McIver
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