Frequent wireless disconnections occurring since upgrade to

  • 20 January 2017
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Extreme Networks is off the hook for this issue.

Yesterday I took one of these laptops and installed Windows 10 from the product disc. I let it install Windows updates. Then I took it home. I installed Chrome. I started a continuous ping. And then I started watching a YouTube video. And BOOM, connection dropped. Same messages in the logs and everything. And this is in my *home*, on my residential grade TP-Link access point!

I have emailed my support guy at EN and let him know that this is officially "not your problem" but invited him to keep the ticket open if he is curious as to what we figure out. But I am not going to waste any more Extreme Networks resources on this one.

Later last night I installed all of the HP drivers (and none of the newer Intel drivers). Then I opened up YouTube and started up music videos and went to bed. Six hours later, it hadn't dropped at all.

So thinking back, I don't know that I ever tried installing the driver from the HP site. What was installed on the laptops when I started was a very old driver that was pre-installed. What I installed later was the very latest from Intel. What I am running with now is a "new-ish" driver, numbered and dated 5/3/2016.

More to come once this has run a few days ...