Google Pixel phones

  • 10 September 2019
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We have wireless controllers 5210 running code – Issue is with only Google Pixel phones are constantly reboot when connected to our Wi-Fi and the problems stop once one turns off the Wi-Fi.

Somebody have the same issue?

Thanks in advance.

5 replies

What exactly does reboot, the phones or the APs?
Had a issue back on V9 where AP38xx crashed when connecting with a iPhone7.
Google Pixel phones reboot.
There is no issue with wireless APs,
Then I'd say, this is the wrong forum for your problem. Just g**gled it, this seems to be a pretty common issue with this kind of phones.
Google Pixel phones reboot issue is happening only in our wireless network which is Extreme networks.
Issue stops once you disconnect from Extreme wireless network.
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A device should never reboot/crash - if it happens the vendor of the device should fix the code.