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  • 1 June 2020
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We are beginning to roll out our Extreme access points and figuring out a guest access approach.  We have the CWP setup on our guest SSID and tested generally internet functionality as working fine.  What I was trying to do is that every guest who chooses the self-enrollment option, once the guest has employee approval from whatever employee they specified that guest will remain active for 7 days.  But within the same guest SSID we also want a lobby attendant account to be able to manually create guest accounts for longer than 7 days if needed.  When I try to apply multiple user groups to the same SSID I get an error that says “Only one self registration use group can be configured per SSID” but I don’t see where you specify it or not.  We are a global company and I have observer Read-Only access into our counterparts Hive in Europe and they have the user groups I was trying to setup successfully setup in their hive but I can’t see any underlying configuration because of being an Observer in their hive. It also seems like you cannot edit very much info in existing user groups once they are created as most options are greyed out and when you try to delete the user group so you an recreate it, it says it cannot be deleted because it is associated with something else, we then go there and try to delete that and it tells us it can’t be deleted there either as you need to delete from somewhere else and we just seem to go into a loop of errors.  Is it better to have a SSID for guests using self-enrollment only, and then create a second guest SSID if you plan to see a lobby attendent at the front desk of the location they are visiting to manually get their ID and password given to them?

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