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Guest Captive Portal - HTTPS Issues

I am attempting to setup the Captive Portal for wifi guests. I have installed the cert on my guest portal interface, but when i turn on the https option on the portal config, i get the following error. It also doesn't look like it is presenting the correct cert.

Any ideas?

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Is it working without the https option.
Have you tried it with a other/mobile device.
What controller hardware is used and which software is running.
Was the certificate installed on the guest topology = GUI > controller > network > topology > certificates (could you share a screenshot).
Yes, it is working without the https option (but i want to secure the traffic).
Yes, i have tried from another laptop, and another browser...same issues.
I'm using the V2110 Wireless Controller, running
The cert was installed on the guest topology interface.

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Hi Michael,
Can you provide us the screenshot of policy rules configured for guest user Non-authenticated role?
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Hello I believe this will help: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-Install-Certificates-for-Captive-Po...