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Guest Certificate on HWC

Hi at all,

the customer received from his CA following files:

Linux (pem+cabundle)- - cert.cabundle

- - certificate.crt

- Plesk (Certificate+CACertificate)

- - cacertcertificate.crt

- - certificate.crt

- Windows (pem)

- - intermediate2.crt

- - intermediate1.crt

- - certificate.crt

- Sonstige (pem)

- - root.crt

- - intermediate2.crt

- - intermediate1.crt

- - certificate.crt

- Sonstige (pkcs7)

- - certificate.cer

which file should I install at the Guest Portal Topologie and with which option?

We have a PKSC #7 file only without any key file.

Does it works for the portal?

I researched all entries in the Hub and in the GTAC Knochledgebase, but nothing helps me further.

I installed the Certificate with option "Replace/Install selected Topology ́s certificate" but I received following error message:

What steps are needed? (DNS/Certificate/etc.)

I hope anyone can clarify all points.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi MN,

Please find the below KB articles and let me if you have any queries.


Nathiya M

I know the entries on the knowledgebase, but this isn´t helpful for me.


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Took me a minute to do it - Windows 2008R2 Enterprise as my CA.

In the controller GUI at the bottom of the topology/certificate window you'd find the "generate signing request" button.

Use this generated file to request/generate a certificate in the CA and save the cert as DER X.509 and import it on the controller using the first option and "Signed certificate to install".