Guest portal access for physical interface users???

Hi am having only local physical connection in my network for that i have to create guest portal access is that possible. Because it is an physical interface i can't able to create through the V2110. Can you please help me on this
Local n/w: - physical topology-->esa0
DHCP---> from the router
I have to enable guest portal access. This is V2110 VM based.
I don't have esa1 connectivity because it is an vm i don't have any vlan in my network.

Kindly help me n this.

Regards, SIMBHU

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please refer to my post.....

Hi Ronald,

In your document esa1 port available for the vlan tagging. Am using VM with only one NIC card that has been connected with esa0 in the physical network.

Can you please help me how can do the guest portal authentication for the local user only one physical interface esa0. while accessing internet they need to authenticate.

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Then use ESA0 with VLAN tagging, this is just an example for my network topology.
Dear Ronald,

My esa0 is a physical with untagged vlan. Here I attach my sample connection of my network.

Physical interface- no vlan tagging configured the AP with bridgged.

But for configuring guest portal AP has to connected with routed based or else with EWC.

Is there any other possibilities to configure.

Thanks in advance!!!