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Guest Splash Page When Bridged @AP

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Is there any way to redirect users to a splash page when the network is bridged at the access point and not the controller?

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Hello Terren

Redirection bridged@AP supports 3rd party External Captive Portal from version 10.11. But it requires AP38xx++
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Hi Terren,

Here is the user guide for version 10.11. Please refer page 176 to "Configuring a Captive Portal on an AP".


Nathiya M
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With Bridged@AP, the only Captive Portal/Spash page integration method is Firewall Friendly External Captive Portal (FFECP). The Splash page/webserver needs to integrate with the FFECP protocol definition. Specification details on FFECP covered in the ExtremeWireless(TM) integration guide:


This implementation is already directly supported by some 3rd party vendors such as PurpleWifi.

Note: If using ExtremeCloud(TM), as of 3.21.01, Splash page facility is directly integrated in the Network services definition.
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My problem here is that I am running version 9.x.x firmware (due to 36xx series APs). Thanks for the info, though!
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No problerm @ all....

What you'd do is that you bridge@controller for clients in unauthenticated state and redirect them to the splash portal.
If they hit accept on the portal they switch to authenticated state which could be a different role = topology i,e bridge@AP.