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Guest Splash Page Wifi Issues

I found that the Splash page server (Linux Based) for the guest wireless. I have been running into issues where after the DHCP lease renews its lease the splash page doesnt come back up. Has an IP address on the devices but looses internet and has SSL certifiates broken on emails. I have to manually hit the IP of the splash page to accept it. Any ideas???

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Hi Bobby.
Are you using Extreme Wing or Extreme Wireless?
im guessing its extreme wireless with the wireless controller
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Hi Bobby are you using the Guest splash page on the controller or do you have the Extreme NAC solution.
NAC solution
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Hi Bobby,

What's the status of the end-system from the NAC manager's view? That is, when this situation (loosing internet and encryption) occurs?
When the DHCP lease renews it self. We have to manually enter the IP of the splash page then accept. Then works again
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Is this still an issue for you?