How to change license on a V2110 controller

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Hi all,

I'd like to change my license on my V2110 Controller - the license field is greyed out, so it doesnt work at the moment.

anyone an idea how to swap the licenses?


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Is a real or evaluation installed right now.

Do you mean the Subscription / Activation License Key OR Option Key license field.
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Hi Ron,

and I mean Subscription/Activation Lic

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That is normal as a valid (real) license is installed.
Because the only reason you'd need to change it would be if the MAC is changed.

The only thing you'd do is to delete the license which also inlcudes the config in > Controller > Admin > Sys Maint > Reset Config + remove installed lic

Why do you like to replace it because right now I don't unterstand the request.

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Thx for the info - reason is that I want to move our hosted V2110 to another V2110 that is momentarily used for other purposes.

thought it would be no prob to swap the lic - so I think I'm going to move the complete VM 😉