How to configure extreme access points

  • 20 February 2019
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Hi everyone,

Could you please share with an idea of how to connect to extreme wi-fi access point locally by cables. Is it possible? I tried to connect access point by cable and search on the browser for configuration menu but nothing pops up there. Could you please make any suggestion?

5 replies

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What model of AP ?
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If you're talking about modern ExtremeWireless APs (37xx, 38xx, 39xx) you can use console or SSH but no Web GUI there. They are meant to be managed via a controller.
Please describe the situation more thoroughly.

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Sorry for delay answer, Wireless AP3805i Internal
Our ap is mount to the wall and controlled by a wireless assistant, I would like to configure one of them locally by cable, I thought that interface like other access points and tried to active configurations menu by the browser but it does not appear there. What should I do?
As I understand, I have to connect to the access point by ssh? In this case could you please give more detailed information
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you can SSH directly to an AP with admin:new2day as default credentials.
cget, cset and capply - those you might like.
However, unless you are doing one or two specific configurations (static IP, controller IP), this is not recommended.
Is there any problem to use the WLAN controller?

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