How to configure user limit per AP?

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Hello, everybody,

I didn't find an article about how to set user limit per AP.

I have 120pcs 3825 APs and I need to configure limits as 40 users for 2,4Ghz radio and 60 users for 5Ghz radio.

Could you please let me know how to do that?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Ilya,

Please see screen capture below:

AP > Load Groups > Radio Preference > Configure load control > Apply to required APs.

Hope this helps!

- Sam
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It's listed as Additional options in the above article 🙂

Additional Options:
  1. Load Control - Each ap balances in isolation from the other aps. It's different than the Load Group setting that balance client loads between each ap within the Load Group. If you set a limit of users per radio and that limit is met, the radio will essentially ignore a new request which should force the user to contact another access point close by. If the client is adamant about attaching to the ap with the limit set, the radio will eventually let it on.
  2. If you choose the Strict setting along with a max number and that max number is met, any client that is above the max number will fail to connect to the ap.