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http 404 error after log in using internal captive portal

after log in unable to access internet it says http 404 error. but i can ping the web site

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There is not enough information in this post - please try again.

Explain the setup and what exactly is happening.
You'd also attach screenshots to better describe the issue.
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Are you sure that role auth permit DNS traffic?
Does your interface have dns servers configured? manually or dhcp
i hope it willbe helpful
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Hi Elvin

What is the URL that fails? The fact you get back 404 suggests you have connected to the web server in question? Does the 404 come from the internal captive portal or from a real server on the internet?

Screenshots of the failure would help.

i think this was coming from internet. we are using internal captive portal, as the authentication. After we entered the credential using Active Directory Account it shows this error. and cant access to internet


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That link doesn't work for me either, can you redirect to a different link post login, such as www.extremenetworks.com - from the limited information provided it seems the server is responding ie "go.microsoft.com" but the server doesn't understand the link.