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i can't see non-dfs channels at AP-3865e after choosing AP environment 'outdoor'

Hi all,
I can not see non-dfs channels when i choose 'AP environment' part to 'outdoor'. But, i am able to use both dfs and non-dfs channels when i choose 'indoor'. I have AP-3865e model AP's, PRO-AO-5DIPN and PRO-AO-2DIPN type antennas, mostly use them for outdoor environment. Is it critical to choose the real environment for this AP's, or can i use them 'indoor' mode although they are mounted on outdoor environment, does this change adversely affects AP's capacity performance?

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in general, that can be country dependent = regulatory domain.
it can be combination of AP and antenna type and country and version. Are other channels available if you use other APs (you can add the ap manually /without having it/ and test the available settings).
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In most Asian country there are no non-DFS channels for outdoor use. Selecting AP as 'indoor' and placing them outdoor will violate the local RF regulations and might be penalysed by local authority, so the performance is not relevant to this setting but only the regulatory. We strongly recommend not to set incorrect environment on the AP.
We have also 3805 indoor AP's and both dfs and non-dfs channels are available. We use this AP's in Turkey and its version is application version is
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3805 is indoor AP only. Both non-dfs and dfs channels allowed for indoor use in most countries.
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You can see what channels are allowed per country , and sime of them marked 'indoor only' here on wiki : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels
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An access point has to shut down for a given amount of time if it detects interference with a DFS channel. Given there is more chance of DFS interference outside I believe you would be causing yourself trouble by attempting to use those channels outdoors.
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Unfortunately there is a list of countries who allow only DFS channels outdoor, so there is not much choice 🙂