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I have an WS-AP3805i with flashing green leds

I have an WS-AP3805i that had been working but now the radio leds and power led are alternating flashing green. So the radio leds flash green and then the power led flashes green.

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So it's not working in this state? It may not be able to reach the controller for some reason.

Flashing Green Indicates:
  • Running a self test
  • Loading software program
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Hi Jeff, if service is providing it could be that your AP is working in br@ap in absence of the controller. Regards Umut Aydin
No it's not working. In the controller console it's showing up as inactive. I'm now noticing that the power led is flashing orange if that makes a difference?
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Check the GUI > Reports > APs > Active APs.
Is the AP listed or not = active tunnel to the controller.

If not - does the AP get an IP, could you ping it, could you ping it from the controller interface that is enabled for AP registration.
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...then if you can ping it, can you SSH to it?
I reset the port on the switch and it's working now, thank you for the help, I'll have to watch this one and see if it keeps working