IDENTIFI 3825i Upgrading from to the last one : : Lot of disconnection problems

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When upgrading C25 identifi to : a lot of disconnection problems appeared with apple devices (iPad and iPhone : impossible to have a stable connection)

S7 from Samsung have no stable connection, but ip DHCP is ok (not possible with apple ios)

After some days, I have downgrade to and everything is ok

Has anyone had this problem ?

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I think the AP reboot solves your problem NOT the downgrade!

Update your AP again to 10.21.03 and reboot the AP check if Problem occurs again.
I cannot imagine that 10.21.02 is more stable / have less issues as 10.21.03.

If you like you can up- or downgrade via "controlled" updates only one or two test APs to a new version not the whole EWC or all APs. Try it !

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Have you checked the upgrade log after the upgrade whether the confguration was imported without any errors ?

GUI > Logs > S/W Upgrade > Detail

i.e. that shows an upgrade error....