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Identifi Guest Portal User "corruption"

Our guest user list seems to corrupt itself. A user account that works correctly that has no expiration will all of a sudden throw an incorrect password from the captive portal page. We reset the password and everything is fine after that. We're running on a V2110. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Andrew,

- is it a controller pair ?
- how many tickets are stored right now in the controller = active and expired

Single controller. Where do I check the tickets?
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You'd check the guest accounts in GUI > VNS > WLAN Services > click guest portal WLAN Service > Auth & Acct > Configure > Manage Guest Users

If you run into the problem again go into the "Manage Guest Users" section and click export and check the password in the file - is it correct or was it changed/corrupted ?

Could you post a screenshot of one affected guest account I'd like to see the account/session settings of this guest ticket.

I exported the list and the user passwords all look correct. This is a sample user.

It seems that we have exactly the same problem. The users are complaining that their tickets suddenly become invalid. Two V2110 (clustered), Software:
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Have any of you opened a ticket with GTAC on this? Sounds like something they'd need to take a look at.
How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
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is this issue resolved? Have the same one in (single V2110).

Account Lifetime: "0"
Session Lifetime: "30 hrs"

New guests cannot login 30 hrs after account creation! Config restore is needed.

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Check the following in the GUI > Logs > Audit: UI >
make a screenshot of the ticket that doesn't work and post it.

Here a example...

Then go to GUI > Logs > Login > Guest Portal
Check if this ticket was used = search for the User ID - please also post a screenshot if you'd see a login for the guest user.


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I guess it is functioning as designed ...

Now we have set "0" for both, Account and Session.
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In had the below picture already in my first answer to you but as the problem description was a little bit different I've removed it and requested more information.

Yes that is FAD.