IdentiFi MIB support

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Hi, colleagues!

We have provider with big multivendor network.
They have 1 third-party NMS which control, monitor and configure all network.
Question: What MIBs have Extreme Wi-Fi controllers to configure them?

I find only below information in Maint_Guide:
– ENTERASYS-RADIUS-ACCT-CLIENT-EXT-MIB ('set' supported for this MIB except
scalar elements)
– ENTERASYS-RADIUS-AUTH-CLIENT-MIB ('set' supported for this MIB except scalar
– ENTERASYS-POLICY-PROFILE-MIB (not all tables supported)
– ENTERASYS-CLASS-OF-SERVICE-MIB (not all tables supported)
– Q-BRIDGE-MIB (dot1qVlanStaticTable only)
• get support
BRIDGE-MIB (dot1dBasePortTable)

Thank you!

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Hi Alex,

you can't configure the WLAN controller via a SNMP - this is not supported.

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Hi, Ron!

But then what mean "set support of MIBs"?

Thank you!
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The controller is sending SNMP to the NMS = SNMP traps.
For that SNMP message to be readable in the NMS you'd need to install the controller MIB on the NMS.

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"The controller is sending SNMP to the NMS = SNMP traps" - it's named "snmp get"
(NMS asking for some information - controller give this information (for example controllers temperature))

"snmp set" - it's mean that NMS give command, for example, create vlan with some tag.

Maint_Guide_V9.12 said:
"By using the Netsight Suite and the following MIBs, you can configure the IdentiFi Wireless Appliance to create and manage
policy, VNS, VLAN; backup and restore configurations."

So we can configure Controller via SNMP.

So questions:
1. Can we do this with third-party NMS?
2. Is there more detailed information about this SET MIBs?

Thank you!