IdentiFi SNMP AP status

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Hello, all!

Does any body help with OID for monitoring UP/DOWN status of Access Point?

Thank you!

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SNMP is usually used for more specific information. You might be able to get a basic up/down if you are querying a controller, but i'm not certain. Are you trying to query a controller or the AP directly? Which controller/ap model?
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There is third-party NMS.
Customer want to monitor APs status by SNMP.
APs 3805 and will be 3825 in feature.

Thank you!
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Just unplug one AP and the message that you rx on the NMS is the down one 🙂

Or check out the following old post - in my comment at the end is a link to a pdf with some information about the AP down traps.
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Thank you for information!!!