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Identifi - System is not ready

Hi, I've deployed several Identifi vms before and I've never encountered this message until now. Whenever I enter the console to log in with the admin - abc123 credentials, it appears a message showing "System is not ready - Please try again". But it doesn't show me this error if I log in with the root - abc123 credentials.
What's the cause of this message? How long should I wait until it's ready?
Thanks in advance.

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We have seen this happen when the system requirements are not met.
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What model/hardware are we talking about - I wonder because you login with root which isn't a default account on a wireless controller....

If controller is hardware based then might be one of the CPU fail of system And if virtual controller then allocate required CPU resources to Vcontroller..
Yes, it's a virtual controller -V2110- and as I can see, it's was configured to work with 2 cpus. That was the problem.
Thank you all!
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Good news...
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Reference: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/Unable-to-start-the-Wireless-Virtual-App...