IdentiFi: V10.31 Feature: Independent CaptivePortal @ AP Use Case ?

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In some projects i need Guest portal directly running on AP. More easier then using the portal running at EWC and do a vlan/subnet change when client moves between non-auth and auth Profile/Topology.

New Identify V10.31 Feature "Independent CaptivePortal @ AP" sounds like this.

But i struggle with the fixed IP of and Name "".

Is this a feature that i can use outside of extreme cloud-service (with an on-premise installation) ? Does anybody use ? I am interesting on a example, a use case where i can see how it works and when i can use this feature ...


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We have the same question. We would like to see an example.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi Matthias . This feature is not related to the ExtremeCloud and works independently. You would have to use some External Captive portal to redirect the users for authentication. You don't require to use tunneled topology any more (bridged at controller) since later software releases allow you to do redirection right at the Access Point . On the WLAN service you need to select "Firewall-Friendly Captive Portal" , in Non-Authenticated Role you add HTTP/HTTPS rules with action "redirect" , also allow DNS/DHCP/[i]. The Portal need to leverage the API call upon user authentication - please see the details and example in ExtremeWireless™️ Integration Guide V10.31 . The API call happens to the controller via user browser , so you don't need to open any firewall ports for the call since it happens in the same tcp session established by the user. You should find more details in above mentioned guide.