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IdentiFi v2110

In my location we using Identify V2100 . We Using External DHCP. My client all getting DHCP and working fine.If am configure a static IP address its Communicating my network.Its Possible to block. we need the wireless client only use DHCP.

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There is no feature to block clients that have a static address assigned (dhcp snooping).
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To expand on Doug's response, can you describe a use case as to why you would need this functionality? It will help in our prioritizing effort for future requirements.


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I'd assume the use case is to keep clients with a static IP out of the network.

Here the explanation of a competitor....

DHCP Required
The WLAN advance configuration has an option that requires users to pass DHCP before going into the RUN state (a state where the client will be able to pass traffic through the controller).

This option requires the client to do a full or half DHCP request.
The main thing the controller is looking from the client is a DHCP request and an ACK coming back from the DHCP server.
As long as the client does these steps, the client will pass the DHCP required step and move to the RUN state.