IdentiFi wireless portal shows an error when clicking on Whitelist/Blacklist

when i click on AP->MOBILE CONFIGURATION -> WHITELIST/BLACKLIST in identifii then i got a message "" An exception occurred while loading the page .Error name SyntaxError.Error message:Expected ')'."" i taked to GTAC but they told me that they faced this issue first time . I am not able to add any new user on my list . Please reply ASAP.

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What is the question ?

Next time you should take your time before you post and add some more information like...

- a screenshot of the GUI including the error message
- the version of the controller
- which web browser and version is used
- how many clients are already in the list

What have you done to troubleshoot the issue.... like...
- tried it with another web browser and get the same error
- reboot of the controller
- delete a client from the list and re-add it
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Have you tried clearing your browsers cache? Also have you tried a different browser to see if you get a different result or are all browsers showing the same issue?