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IdentiFi WLAN: check for interferences and correct channel selection

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i want to check in my WLAN environment if some WiFi interferences on the APs occur and if the channel selection (of the EWC) is working correct because i know my neighbours in our building also running several WLAN APs. So i expect interferences and channel overlapping. Radio 2 (2,4GHz) is in my focus - but 5GHz is also interesting.

One Method is to go with the laptop and some tools like "inssider" trough all the location and check that from the client side of view. Because i have locations spread all over the country i am looking for a possibility with the EWC toolkit - without moving around!

I have an EWC V2110 and 20x AP3715 and 20x AP3805. Firmware running recent V9.21.03.

Unfortunately the default log / event log or any other buildin EWC report will NOT tell me anything about that.

Then i activate DCS monitor Mode and the RADAR "in-service scan". For testing i start a 3rd party AP with the same channel as the AP3715 in my office and expect that DCS and RADAR will tell me something! But no messages or no error!

I am on the correct way ? Any suggestion ? Should this work like i expect ?

Thanks for replies!

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You should see something under Reports-> Radar (choose from the list). Anything there?
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nothing there ...
I'm assuming you are licensed for RADAR.
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Hi Folks,

today i talk with other WLAN guys within my company.We get some internal counters and report the answer my question.

To get an good overview about the used channels use Reports - Active Wireless APs.

To get the information if interferences though neighbour AP occurs (which use the same channel) - Reports - Wireless Statics by Wireless AP - DCS Channel Utilization by Adjacent APs.

Both values are feed by DCS - i use it in Monitor Mode.

If you check the HIPATH-WIRELESS-DOT11-EXTNS-MIB you can also grap both values via snmp periodically.

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Extreme GTAC Knowledgebase contains 2 articles which describe the same approach!

Search for:
What is DCS channel occupancy threshold and what considerations are there for configuration
How to configure APs to "Dynamic Channel Selection" to prevent Channel Overlapping?