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Identify roaming Problems between Controller


have a voWifi Project at the moment. One site about 180 APs with 2 C35 Controller in an Availability Pair and the other site 580 APs and C5215 controllers also in an Availability Pair.

The handsets are Open Stage WL3 phones. They are more or less the same as the Ascom i62.

It is a WPA-PSK environment.

Now the interesting fact, as log as i roam between APs homed at the same controller, everything works fine. When I roam between 2 APs on the opposite controller in the same Availability Pair, the handset can not see the next AP and it takes about 20 seconds to reconnect. The phonecall itself remains. So I can not hear anything but as far as i am reconnected the session still exists and the other can hear me without dialing again.

This Problem exists on both sites.

I did an experiment. I rehomed a few APs in a row to the other controller, and the problem moved "a few APs further"

Some ideas?

In brief:
Session remains, roaming does not work between APs on different controllers within the same Availabilty pair.



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Hi Tim,

  • what version is running on the controller
  • AP model
  • do you get "no network" on the WL3 or another error/message
  • which country is it
  • could you post a screenshot of the WL3 network A window settings
  • have you opened a ticket yet

here are the infos:

>>what version is running on the controller

>>AP model


>>do you get "no network" on the WL3 or another error/message

No, connection just drops. When you use the built in "tool" in the WL3 where you can see the BSSID "MAC" of the current and last AP you were/are connected to. you see a 00:00:00:00:00:00 MAC where it "roams to"
I know there are messages like "no channel available" or "no network" but in this case, you see just no connection for a while

>>which country is it

ROW=Germany. 4 channel Plan.

>>could you post a screenshot of the WL3 network A window settings

Not right now. But the right "Advanced" channels are set. It is b/g as protocols and psk/ssid everything seems ok.
As far as I can remember at the moment, the network A is default, WL3 connects to the Network B, where all the settings are.

>>have you opened a ticket yet


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I've a customer here in Austria with about the same setup and as it sound like the identical problem.

We work with the GTAC (ticket#01818312) for 3+months but not a lot is going forward in regards to a software fix.

I'll send you a PM with my # in case you'd like to discuss it on the phone.

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10.41.16 is out now and I hope that will fix our issue....

Improved MU inter-controller roaming between APs configured with an encrypted SSID whereby clients (WL3) were slow or unable to associate to a previously authenticated AP.

Hi Tim, I've just opened a ticket; I'm having similar issue.
I've just configured NTP on both EWCs as this was missing.

Have you found a fix yet? We are running a recent version of software from a few months ago
I'm running and that bug you refer to above seems to be specific to 10.41 release train.
Sorry for the late reply.

I got a fix. resolved the problem. Haven`t tried the 10.51 track, but dont want to upgrade again.
@TimF Can you pls. check if some phones have unexplainable roaming decisions and/or No Network messages?
We sill have lots of "No Network" on our WL3's even when they are in the charger, caused by missing beacon frames from AP3915i.
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@Rio Grande have you upgraded the controller to 10.41.16 or higher ?

Yes, running right now.