Indentify RADAR: need to detect new APs and prevent any station to connect to it

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Hello !

I need the RADAR function to automatically detect and classify new AP (f.e. tethering, hotspots, ...) to prevent that any client can connect to it.

- the detection works so the new AP is shown in "Radar maintenance > uncategorized APs"
but: in this situation no Radar profiles will match as long the AP is in "uncategorized APs"
- after manual moving the AP into "prohibited APs" group and configure it as "internal honeypot" the radar profile will work and protect any client to connect to these APs.

So far so good, but I need to have all new APs into this "prohibited APs" group configured as internal honeypot, except manual added APs into firendly APs group.

Any ideas to fix that ?
Best way would be to configure the workflow what to do with inital detected APs. But this will require a feature request...


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Hello Volker,

there is no onboard function for this need.

the easiest way is to write a program that detects a new AP and then pushes it into the group prohibited.

Or you write a FR.

Best regards