instead of putting public IP in the AP is it possible to use domain name instead?

We are currently deploying b@AP for our remote sites. For us to be able to communicate or control the EWC in the head office we installed an authentication IP in the remote AP with this command: cset authipaddr 1 122.X.X.X capply csave reboot We could now access the controller because of this but when we check the AP availability in the reports we cant see that the remote AP is available. What do we need to do for us to able to see the remote AP in the HO controller? And instead of "Authentication IP" could we put domain name inside the remote AP running on b@AP for future configurations of remote APs.

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Hello Carlo

Yes if you populate the domain name in your dhcp scope and add an A record in your DNS server for controller.yourdomain the AP's will reach out to the DNS server to find the IP address of the wireless controller to connect to. If these AP's are remote from the controller make sure the default route is populated in the controller GUI under Network. Without that the controller doesn't know where to go to get back to the AP's. Make sure ports 13907 and 13910 are open through all firewalls and make sure the MTU of 1500 works between locations.
Hi, Do you have a steps that i could follow in doing this?
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Hope the below-mentioned KB Articles would be helpful for you.

1) Configure an AP to find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller from a DNS server entry:-

2) Configure the default route:-

3) Ensure that the below-mentioned tcp/udp ports used between IdentiFi Wireless Controller and AP's aren't blocked:-