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iphone and some tablets are not getting internet connection or ip addresses

Dear all group members, I am facing problems of disconnecting and connecting some devices as iphones, tablets, and laptops some time users get connected some time no connection.

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As far as I remember this issue was solved by firmware upgrade... Are you running the latest patch level?
how to get firmware and how to upgrade. ap firmware or conntroller firmware?
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How to get firmware = extranet.extremenetworks.com = you need to have valid service contract to be entitled for download. You can contact GTAC How to upgrade it = check the manual, there are many options = cli / snmp / netsight management / wireless assistant... You will need ftp/scp server...
can you please send me installation procedure
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Sikander Shah wrote:

can you please send me installation procedure

Of course I can. you can use KnowledgeBase:

you can also search youtube:
How to Upgrade Firmware Using NetSight Inventory Manager