IPv6 Traffic at wireless clients with role denying traffic

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We have a VNS with 802.1x auth with role that deny ipv6 traffic.
We are configured this rules:

InOutEthTypeMACIP : PortProtocolPriorityToS/DSCPAccess

Ehter Proto 41 deny ipv6 traffic.
We are capturing eth0 traffic remotely from the ap and we can see clients in this topology sending ipv6 traffic.

We are doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance

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Could you please post a screenshot of the "VLAN & Class of Service" & "Policy Rules" GUI page of this role - the string of text is hard to decipher and I'm also interested in the other settings on this page.

What type of topology is used?

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Here is,
the topology is bridge@AP

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Thanks, could you please also attach a screenshot of the "VLAN & Class of Service" tab of this role.
What is the AP model in use.
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Here is,
topology bridge@apwith vlan tagged 38

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I've never tried to filter IPv6 but could you try this filter instead of the one that you are using.....

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Thanks Ronald,
Im going to ask our support why this two rules instead this one.