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Is it recommended to use the management port on C5210 wireless controller

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We are upgrading from a pair of C4110 wireless controllers to a pair of C5210 controllers. With the C4110 it was recommended to not use the management port to manage the controller but to use 1 of the interfaces. This recommendation goes years back. I was wondering if this is still best practice and applies to the C5210 controllers

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Yes it's the same = don't use it.
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Ron wrote:

Yes it's the same = don't use it.

I can speak from experience. After wasting a lot of time with a lot of people, I have learned this lesson. Don't use it! 🙂
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You configure a default route with the esa/data-topologies and a default gateway in the admin/mgmt
topology. But you have only one Linux. Yes, it might work.

If you don't how linux with multiple routing tables and routing rules works:

Dont' use it!

For the others:root@ewc41:~# ip route show table all | grep 254
default via dev eth0 table mgmt
default via dev csi1 proto zebra

root@ewc41:~# ip rule show
0: from all lookup local
32765: from lookup mgmt
32766: from all lookup main
32767: from all lookup default[/code]

Edit: removed some