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Issues with approving 3605AP in secondary controller C5210

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We have 2 controllers, C5210. Now that we have reached 1,000 APs, we are adding APs to the secondary controller. I am running into issues approving APs in the second controller. I plug the AP into the data drop and it comes up in the Primary Cont. Then I change the AP from "pending" to "Approved". But, the AP stays pending,it won't change over to "approved". Then I log into the secondary(foreign Cont.) and it eventually comes up in the Bulk Config. list. I try to approve it, but it does the same thing. It stays pending. Has anyone seen this issue before?

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Why do you click approve on controller#1 if you want the AP home to controller#2.
Also the max is 1000 APs on a C5210 - so might be that is the reason the AP is in pending state on controller#1.

Could you try it with another new AP but this time only select approve on controller#2.

Which version is running on the controller pair.
Are there enough AP licenses installed - on the dashboard in the upper right corner "unused AP licenses".
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The AP doesn't show up in the 2nd controller for me to approve. When I first plug in the AP, it only shows up in the Primary controller. I haven't had this issue until yesterday. You are right, I can't approve it because the 1st controller is full, but not sure how to get it to start on the 2nd controller. In the past I have been able to add APs to the foreign controller just fine. Is there a way to make the AP come up first in the controller #2? Controller #1 is full, but controller #2 has 983 AP licenses available. It's like the AP is defaulting to the first controller.
We are running Software: on both.
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Is the controller interface in the same subnet/VLAN as the APs.
Who is providing the IPs to the AP, is it the controller or an external DHCP server.
Have you configured option 78 (IP of controller) on the DHCP server.
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Reference (specifically the Additional Notes section): https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/Access-points-failing-the-IdentiFi-Contr...