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KVM Support for V2110?

It has been a few years since this was last asked https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/hi-i-have-a-question-is-it-possible-to-install-...

Has there been any progress on adding KVM support for the virtual appliance for the wireless controller?

I see in this product details/specs they only make reference to VMware and Hyper-V as well, but thought I'd ask. https://cloud.kapostcontent.net/pub/38236555-1e21-43a3-9c61-af84c71a5844/wireless-controllers-ds-1.p...

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Check on https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-add-a-serial-port-to-a-v2110-contro...
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Not at this time, if you are working with an Extreme Sales Rep or System Engineer you can ask them to submit a feature request on your behalf.