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lldp settings for AP on contoller c5210

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I noticed some of my 3605 and 3610 APs have an LLDP setting enabled and some do not. What does this setting do? Do i need it enabled?

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Hi Laura,

AP does LLDP transmit only – it does not receive LLDP : switch can learn about the AP but AP does not learn or report the Switch port it is connected to.
Controller does not have LLLDP


Umut Aydin
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LLDP can also be used for power negotiation, called LLDP-MED.
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It will enable the ap to advertise to the directly attached switch information about its self. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_Layer_Discovery_Protocol
How this may help you, if you are looking to find devices and where are they attached on your network. Typically a switch, for example, will have some commands to show connected devices learned via LLDP. As Timo pointed out it can also be used to negotiate power draw when the ap boots up.